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At Misfeldt & Gunn CPAs we understand that navigating the sometimes tricky world of finance and taxation can be daunting. That's why we've created this comprehensive FAQ page to address some of our client's most common questions about our services, the accounting industry, and the various financial challenges they may encounter. Whether you're a business owner seeking guidance on tax planning, an individual looking for personal financial advice, or simply curious about the world of accounting, you've come to the right place.

Please remember that we are always available for more in-depth advice, strategic planning and personalized consultations via an appointment. Reach out today to resolve your financial and tax concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

1When will my tax return be ready?
It will take us about 2 weeks to complete your tax return once we receive all the required documents.
2When will I receive my Notice of Assessment?
You can expect your Notice of Assessment to show up about two weeks after we file your tax return. Please note that the CRA has implemented Express Notice of Assessment, which will be delivered right after filing your return. However, amounts shown on Express NOA might not be accurate.
3When can I expect my tax refund?
As per Canada Revenue Agency, you can expect to receive your tax refund 2 weeks after you file online, or 8 weeks when you file a paper return.
4How can I pay my tax owing balance to CRA?
You can pay online, in person, or by mail. Please visit CRA at for more information.
5Can Misfeldt & Gunn CPAs pay my outstanding balance to CRA on my behalf?
Unfortunately, Misfeldt & Gunn CPAs are not able to pay your outstanding balance to CRA on your behalf. If you have questions on how to pay, please contact us.
6When is the deadline to file my taxes?
Your deadline to file a personal tax return is on April 30, or June 15 if you own a small business.
7How can I pay Misfeldt & Gunn CPAs for their service?
Misfeldt & Gunn CPAs receive payments through e-transfer, by phone with credit card, or in person with debit card, credit card, cash or cheque.

Please note that we do not accept taking part of your refund as a way of payment for our invoice.

8How much will it cost?
Since everyone has different tax situations, we are unable to provide exact quotes. However, we are happy to provide you with an estimate. Please contact us.
9When is my tax return going to be filed?
Once your tax return is ready, we will send you a copy for your review. If you agree with the copy, we will need your signature, and payment for the Misfeldt & Gunn CPAs invoice to proceed filing. Please note that we will not file your tax return until we receive your signature and payment. If you have a specific request, please contact us.
10What emails can I expect from the CRA? (If set up)
You can expect to receive the following emails from the CRA
  • GST notice
  • Personal information change/ address change (If applicable)
  • Authorize a representative
11Could you set up my direct deposit?
Yes, please provide us with a void cheque to set up your direct deposit.

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Misfeldt was very helpful with my claims and answered all of my questions as silly as they may have seemed and were prompt to reply and help.
Amazing! Helped me claim so much money that the government tried to keep from me.
Nicole Leung
Nicole Leung
Sean and his team are wonderful. Highly recommend.
Cal McCarthy
Cal McCarthy
Have been dealing here for 10 years, they have helped me with something new every year and they have always been very accommodating to me specifically. Whether its giving me quality advice or crunching the numbers. Thank you for everything and here's to another strong 10 years.
RH Wheel and Brake
RH Wheel and Brake
Most excellent accounting services from Sean and incredible team! I highly recommend this accounting firm for stress free tax declaration 👍
Darcy Shaw
Darcy Shaw
Best Staff you will get to meet.
sanya tyagi
sanya tyagi
Extremely professional and knowledgeable
maria reed
maria reed

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Our team of experienced and insightful professionals is committed to providing you with accurate and informative answers to all your accounting-related inquiries. We believe that informed clients are also empowered clients, and our goal is to demystify accounting concepts and regulations so that you can make well-informed financial decisions. Whether you have questions about tax compliance, bookkeeping, financial consulting, or any other accounting matter, you'll find valuable insights and guidance within these frequently asked questions. So, let's get started on your journey to financial clarity and success with Misfeldt & Gunn CPAs!